Disc wheels SPINOLLO

Carbon wheels Spinollo with disc brakes are very universal. They can be used for road, cyclocross and trekking bikes. Their very favorable circuit weight makes them suitable for racing and sports use. We offer wheels for tubulars or clinchers. The rims are without of the braking surface, but the rims with the braking surface can also be used. The hubs used by us have replaceable end caps so that the wheels can be used almost any frame and fork. By default, we offer caps for a 5mm quick release and a 12mm and 15mm thru axle for the front and rear wheels. The CX10DH straight pull hubs used by us allow the installation of 6-hole INTL brake discs. We also offer DT Swiss 350 CL hubs for CentrLock brake discs.

Advantages of carbon discs:

  • low peripheral weight
  • excellent acceleration
  • very good aerodynamics
  • excellent braking performance in all weather conditions

We offer disc wheels with a rim profile of 32mm, 45mm and 50mm.

ubulars wheels Spinollo we produce with spokes DT Swiss. ZThe basic spokes are attenuated by DT Competition, or DT AeroComp aero bladed spokes and double butted bladed DT AeroLite can be selected. Depending on the type of hubs, si spokes J bend or Straight Pull.

Wheels can be made on Straight Pull hubs Spinollo CX10DH and DT Swiss 350.