Clincher wheels SPINOLLO

Clincher carbon Spinollo wheels are for all who want wheels with a higher rim and do not want to use the tubulars. Their favorable weight and excellent rigidity ensure high performance. Compared to tubular, the clincher allow easy replacement of the soul during a defect. A new type of carbon-prepreg with carbon-based prepreg with resin HTG of 250 ° C already resolves the problem with the permitted rim when heavy braking. Still, it wants to follow the correct braking procedure and not exceed the maximum pressure in the brake. We also offer Spinollo tires with rims for tubeless tires. NEXTIE rims all tubeless ready. With tubeless wheels, we also supply the Caffe tubeless kit

Our offer clincher wheels :

All premium rims are with graphene braking surface.

Clincher wheels Spinollo we produce with spokes DT Swiss. ZThe basic spokes are attenuated by DT Competition, or DT AeroComp aero bladed spokes and double butted bladed DT AeroLite can be selected. Depending on the type of hubs, si spokes J bend or Straight Pull.

Wheels can be made on hubs with a classic flangeSpinollo AH08M or on Straight Pull hubs Spinollo AH11SC and DT  Swiss 240s Straight Pull.