cropped-Spinollo90tubularRims for the wheels we offer in tubular or clincher version. Newly also we offer carbon rims for disc 29 “MTB wheels.

All rims are made from carbon fiber Toray T700. The visible layer is from 3K carbon or UD unidirectional carbon fiber.

Balancing between low weight and quality.


Carbon rim is formed by layers of carbon, knitted posed in different angles. The more layers until the rim, it becomes firmer, at the same time increasing the weight. So we have to find a balance between low weight and strength. After testing a number of prototypes with different numbers of layers, we found a balance. We use the rims strong enough to handle the load of 300 kg, but their weight is still in the range of 290 – 390g.

The rims made from Toray carbon fibres. This Japanese manufacturer is able to deliver stable quality, which is well known in the aviation industry.  All of our rims are strong and durable thanks to their T700SC.  Although prices are up almost 2 x the Toray 3 times larger than Taiwan or China, comparing the resistance and stiffness, which brings, definitely worth it.

The structure of the rim

carbon_rims_core_technologies_02Carbon as a material is 8 x stronger than steel of the same mass, but not so good at absorbing impacts. Therefore, we organise 6 layers of carbon material at different angles, to final rim was resistant to all shocks.

Spoke holes in the bottom rims transmits thrust from the wires to the rim. Therefore, using 35 layers of carbon fiber with reinforcement in the area of the nipple by a further 12 layers in thickness 5 mm to prevent rapture nipples.


The braking surface


To increase the resistance of other layers of carbon material on the braking distance.

Carbon fiber’s very well advise to force the action, but loses its properties at high temperatures. If we want to ensure a smooth braking, we must increase the thermal resistance of the rim.  New types of rims with the spreads 24 mm have increased temperature resistance braking up to 220-240 °C.


Rim width

rom the beginning we import carbon rims rim width 21 mm. In mid-2012, we have imported samples of the rims with the spreads 23-24 mm.

Led us to this campaign, large brands, where he addresses the better aerodynamics and improved driveability. We also “look” on the wheels of the Protour competitors and have found that most professionals carry tubular width of 25 mm. Also practical tests in the laboratory to debunk the myths about super fast tubular with 19 mm pressure 15 bars. You can use this tubular only on the runway or the absolutely smooth asphalt. On the classic road wheel loses contact, therefore the traffic performance is unstable. And it is even more significant discomfort.


Also the risk of a “click” the rim is wider and smaller tires less pressure.

The rolling of the tyre (figure at closer. on the left) is worse than the wider rubber (fig. on the right).

Here you can seeimages-2 the stability of the wider tires on a narrower rim (fig. on the right) and the wider rim (fig. on the left). It is evident that when the tilt 20 ° acts on the tire on a narrow rim of strength outside of the axis, and can lead to tearing down from the rim..


All of this led us to the decision to bring carbon wheel Spinollo on rims 23 mm width.

Of course, everything has its both for and against. The new 23 mm rims are on average about 20-40 grams heavier. But still we have to fill our limit of max 1 390 g for tubular wheels with rims with 50 mm profile.