Make yourself and your bike happy.

Utilize the advantages of the wheel sets SPINOLLO:


Premium quality of rims

We use proven Q2 and NEXTIE carbon fiber rims with carbon prepreg with T.G 250 ° C.

Individual colour design

Color stickers on rims tuning to your liking.

Remarkable DT Swiss spokes

Wheels lancing with spokes DT AeroLite, DT AeroComp and DT Competition.

Fair prices affordable for everyone

Wheels are built directly for you, with supplier components prices.

High-quality hubs

We build wheels on DT Swiss hubs and branded Powerway.

Test wheels

Before you buy, you can try the wheels. You do not buy hares in a sack.

We do not promise you the cheapest wheels, even though Spinollo wheel sets are cheap. We do not claim that our wheels are the best, even though they are top-quality. We just offer you a product that has been tested on the roads of the Czech Republic and a product about which we are convinced that it really works.

Because we are cyclists ourselves, all of our wheels are tested and used by us. In addition to that, Spinollo wheel sets are successfully used by LAWI Author team. Their racers give us invaluable feedback that is vital for improving of our wheels.

We are not a huge company that builds thousands of wheels each year, we focus on tailor made wheels that fully correspond to your wishes. Despite that we have already made hundreds of wheel sets. It is fair to say that sometimes there are some problems with our wheels, which happens to everyone. But we solve all the possible problems to our customers’ satisfaction.

And this is our main goal. Satisfied customer that enjoys the ride to the fullest on the Spinollo wheels.

Reviews of our customers

I Am happy with Spinollo 36m tubular wheels. I bought them 3 years ago. Wheels are stiff, so they ride at the race. So far, I did not have a problem. Only the brake pads,when I got with the wheels quickly wear out. Now I use the yellow Swisstop.


Carbon wheels Spinollo 36mm for disc brakes I used in cyclocross races. The wheels served very well and the quality was comparable to that of world brands. As a big plus I can see in the replaceable caps of the hubs. So the wheels can be used in all types of frames, including those with thru axes.


I use a 50mm Spinollo clincher wheels. After change the rims wheels on a new type of rims under the warranty, I’m still satisfied with the wheels. After replacing the brake pads – Shimano Carbon, the wheels brake well.